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Watch-Out Wednesday: The Cools

The Cools"—no, that’s not the name of the latest underground rock band, but rather a new social online marketplace for fashion, art, and design. A user can buy, sell, and browse products based on her/his style, taste, and personality.

When users sign up, they are asked a variety of entertaining questions to give a sense of their style; from there, products and inspiration are displayed on the user’s profile. Users can also add quotes and descriptions about themselves on their profiles, similar to Facebook.

If you find something you think is “cool,” you are encouraged to share with your community and connect with other buyers and sellers who share your same taste. Products also have a “buy” button for when you think it’s so cool you wish to own it. You can follow your friends, as well as tastemakers like the Clarins sisters. Another element that makes The Cools so enticing is their sleek, crisp, and minimalist design and brand identity.

Keep up with The Cools on FacebookTwitter, and their blog.