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Tech Crush Thursday: Tara Hunt

We’re crushing this week on the woman who has been deemed “pioneer in online marketing and one of the most respected authorities on online communities,” the beautiful Tara Hunt.

The native Canadian is most recently known for co-founding Buyosphere with Jerome Paradis and Cassandra Girard. Buyosphere is a social website that allows users to share trends and what they are buying. Another one of her entrepreneurial pursuits was the company Citizen Agency, a consultancy that specialized in community-centric strategies. Tara coined the term Pinko Marketing, which is essentially a shift from company-to-consumer marketing to consumer-to-consumer marketing. Tara is also author of the book, The Whuffle Factor: Using the Power to Social Networks to Build your Business. In 2009, Fast Company named her one of the more influential women in tech, a much-deserved title.

Read more about Tara on her website. You can also follow her on one of her many Twitter pages—her pug, Ridley, has one too!