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Fashion Icon: Solange Knowles

Anyone who has a sister knows that it can be hard to define yourself - especially if your older sister is Beyoncé. We think Solange Knowles has made her own mark as a singer, songwriter, actress, DJ, and fashion icon.

She’s been interested in singing and dancing since a young age; she even began writing her own songs when she was nine. Before releasing her own solo albums, Solange was a backup dancer for her sister’s group, Destiny’s Child. On top of her solo hits, Solange has also has also ventured into acting (if you were a true Bring It On fan, you might remember her in the third Bring It On: All or Nothing)!

The now DJ/model has also broken into the fashion scene. Both Solange and Beyonce model for their family’s clothing line, House of Deréon. In 2008, she was an ambassador for the contemporary Armani line, Armani Jeans. She has also been’s guest blogger for their “Today I’m Wearing” series.

It was recently released that Solange will be the new face of Madewell for their fall campaign. We think this might have something to do with her being BFF’s with J. Crew creative director, Jenna Lyons… and of course her awesome and eclectic style. For a sneak peak at the Madewell photo shoot check out this video!

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