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Tech Crush Thursday: Sophia Amoruso

Everyone at our office owes a huge ‘thank you’ to Sophia Amoruso for founding our favorite online retailer for trendy but inexpensive fashion, Nasty Gal.

Started as an ebay store for vintage clothing in 2006, Sophia has grown Nasty Gal into a top selling online retailer. What we like even more about her is that she made Nasty Gal successful mainly using social media platforms such as Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Instagram rather than traditional marketing. Her story is inspiring: she raised capital with no experience in the area, and she admits she didn’t even know how to use Powerpoint to make a presentation. Her passion for the idea is what has gotten her this far, and what continues to keep the Nasty Gal brand growing!

It’s been a big year for Nasty Gal, too, with over $128 million in sales. This month during New York Fashion Week, the site will launch their own bi-annual magazine, Super Nasty. Alongside the magazine, Nasty Gal is launching their own label for Fall/Winter 2012!  We can’t wait to check it out!

Check out this video of Sophia Amoruso sharing her story of Nasty Gal, why she loves her customers, and where the name Nasty Gal comes from.

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