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Pop-Ups Monday!

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Pop-Ups Monday: Monday September 17

On this lovely Monday, we are featuring three of our recent fashion tech discoveries. We thought we should share them with the rest of the world—September secrets revealed!

Discover, explore, and enjoy! 

1. 1stDibs

“1stDibs offers the best antiques from all over the world in one place. I’m sorry the 1stDibs secret is out.”  Well, sorry to disappoint, but every shopper deserves to know about this fabulous site! More than 1,600 international dealers of antiques, furniture, design, art, jewelry, and luxury goods are featured on 1stDibs and then delivered to customers worldwide. With locations in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles and a weekly online magazine filled with interviews, the site has certainly evolved into an online luxury marketplace. Marc Jacobs himself says he can’t imagine living without 1stDibs, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

2. Boutine

Introducing a fantastic social shopping experience! Boutine collaborates with emerging fashion designers from around the world to bring unique products to online boutique sales exclusively for members. Currently, clothing, bags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories are available. As a Boutine member, you have the opportunity to become a stylist, creating and sharing your own virtual store. You can connect your personalized collection to all of your social media platforms including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and ultimately earn a ten percent commission. Boutine truly is shopping and selling made simple! 

3. TheChapar

Don’t worry gentlemen, we didn’t forget about you! Never set foot in a department store again without TheChapar. As a member, you simply create a “Style Profile” online or over the phone. Your Personal Stylist will then put together a trunk filled with tailored selections and deliver it right to your door. Simply return the stuff you don’t want, and pay for what you love!

Thanks for joining us!

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