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Fashion Icon Friday: André Leon Talley

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, our fashion icon is the man who has been in more front rows at fashion shows than we can count—André Leon Talley.

The former editor-at-large for Vogue magazine has been a fashion show staple across the globe for shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. After receiving his Masters from Brown University, André Leon Talley moved to New York and worked as Andy Warhol’s assistant at Interview Magazine. He then became associated with Vogue editor-in-chief at the time, Diana Vreeland, and by 1983 was working at Vogue as a fashion news editor. Over the years he moved up in Vogue, eventually becoming Editor-at-Large and having his own column, Life with André.

On top of his long career at Vogue, André has also been a judge for America’s Next Top Model, alongside Tyra Banks. He has written a few books, and is involved in ballet and other philanthropies. Over the years, André Leon Talley has used his influence to inspire young creatives and designers - he currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Savannah College of Art and Design.

When spotted in the front row, or on the red carpet, you can’t miss André Leon Talley’s bold style - often decked out in furs and tribal-inspired clothing. We hope to catch a glimpse of him this fashion week!

Fashion Icon Friday: Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger is synonymous with 1970’s fashion icons.

The Nicaraguan born model, actress, socialite and activist became known in the 1970’s because of her marriage to Rolling Stones leadman, Mick Jagger. While they were together, they were the “it” couple of their time having married in France - both in YSL. Bianca became a socialite, helping out with numerous charitable organizations while fabulously jetsetting. She was associated with the notorious New York City nightclub Studio 54, frequenting in gold and sequins, often with her close friend, Andy Warhol. For her 30th birthday, She even rode in on a horse wearing a dress designed by her good friend, Roy Halston Frowick. Bianca’s style was classy with glam, doting one-shoulder dresses, plunging v-necks, and Grecian gowns.

Today, Bianca is known for her role in human and social activism. She founded Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and is a member of Amnesty International. She is also on the Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador and has spoken around the world about various world issues. To this day she remains fashionable and graceful and will always be remembered as a style icon.

Fashion Icon Friday: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick, the Factory “it girl,” movie star, model, and Andy Warhol’s muse was also a fashion icon of the 1960s.

The heiress and socialite, originally from California, moved out east to study art. By 1965, Edie fell into the New York art and party scene with Andy Warhol and the rest of his Factory. Edie started starring in his black and white films like Poor Little Rich Girl and appearing in his prints. She was known for her boyish figure and only wearing tights with leotards or mini dresses. She kept a short bouffant blonde haircut that was constantly decorated with chandelier earrings. Part of her iconic style was also her charcoal-lined eyes and long, thick eyelashes.

Besides Andy Warhol, Edie was also an inspiration for Bob Dylan during her infamous relationship with him, as well as Bobby Neuwirth. Unfortunately, Edie lived a tragic and short life that ended back in Santa Barbara when she was only 28. Her fashion legacy lives on as one of the fashion icons that shaped the style of her time.

We love the film Factory Girl which stars another one of our fashion icons, Sienna Miller portraying Edie Sedgwick.

Fashion Icon Friday: Daphne Guinness 

Who can say they are a muse for Karl Lagerfeld, BFF’s with the late Alexander McQueen, used to party with Andy Warhol, modeled in the exclusive Tom Ford women’s collection show, and had a MAC cosmetic line inspired by them?

Daphne Guinness can, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what an impact she has had on the fashion, art, and film worlds. Daphne has quite the family background; she’s an heir to the Guinness—yes the beer makers—family and her mother was a muse for Man Ray and Dali. Daphne followed in her mother’s footsteps, as she has been a muse to countless designers and artists—even Lady Gaga has said she’s inspired by her.

Daphne doesn’t just inspire fashion and art, but gives back to other artists, theaters, and libraries. She has participated in a number of charity events and fashion shows. Daphne has also been an artist herself, as well as an actress, and produced short films. Third Wave Fashion got to check out the exhibit at The Museum at FIT devoted to the amazing fashion pieces of Daphne Guinness.

She truly emulates the phrase “Fashion Icon.”