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Pop-Ups Monday!


It’s Monday morning and we have just the thing to energize you for the week! One word: shoes. Online shopping has become incredibly easy with the explosion of digital in fashion, but shoes seem to be the one trickiest piece to purchase on the web. The following three websites make shopping for shoes online irresistible. We’re pretty sure you won’t miss the long lines, crowded stores, and awkward salespeople as you check out these startups.

Discover, explore, and enjoy! 

1. Shoefitr.com

This innovative virtual-fit website is the perfect solution to size variations in the shoe industry. The company discusses how different brands of shoes carry various size discrepancies. For example a New Balance size 9 is equivalent to an Asics 9.5. This explains why 1/3 of shoes bought online are returned. Shoefitr helps shoppers get the right size the first time, eliminating the hassle of returns. Shoppers pick the shoes they want and Shoefitr uses 3-D scanning to create a digital database with fit and sizing information, comparing the shoes you own with shoes you want to purchase. 

2. ShoesofPrey.com

Finding the perfect shoe is no easy feat. Sometimes, after hours of searching, you find a pair similar to what you want, but there is something missing. Not only does Shoes of Prey understand this, they have come up with a solution! The site features an array of basic heels and flats and then offers the shopper the opportunity to customize the pair exactly how they want them. The toe, back, and heel can all be altered by shape and color. There are also various decoration options to add. For the month of June, the site is featuring cute pastel colored heels, perfect for the upcoming summer months!

3. Shoescribe.com

Top designer shoes and discounted prices (combined with advice from shoe guru Ms Suzie Scribe on how to maintain shoes) make this site quite a find! After registering, shoppers can browse the merchandise by category, occasion, or heel height. The Stars and Spotlight suggestions showcase featured heels and boots. Marc Jacobs, Sam Edelman, and Missoni are only a few of the incredible designers available on ShoeScribe. There are also amazing staple pieces such as Hunter rainboots and Dr. Martens for when you need to restock. It’s the perfect time to check out the site – a Spring/Summer Sale offers up to 50% off and free standard shipping!

Thanks for joining us this Monday morning.

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