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Astronaut and deemed the Internet Court Jester? That’s Esther Dyson for you!

Esther Dyson is an angel investor and helps on the board of a variety of startups in the health, online services, and space travel industries—and we think that’s pretty awesome.

She’s invested in quite a few tech startups, some including Flickr, Eventful, Meetup, and Delicious. In the past, she has been a journalist and Wall Street technology analyst. On top of investing in a variety of companies, Esther is also an entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is very passionate about health care and has helped with breakthrough innovations in health technology. She is currently on the board of 23andme, where you can easily learn more about your DNA. She owned the company EDventure for 20-something years before selling it to CNET Network. Her love for space travel was even taken to the next level when, following her investment in Space Adventures Ltd., she underwent training to be a back-up crew member for a flight to the International Space Station. Her voice is very respected because of her brilliance and gained experience across multiple fields. 

Want to hear more from Esther? She is a contributor for The Huffington Post and you can also follow her on Twitter