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Pop-Ups Monday!



Pop-Ups Monday: Monday July 22

As the end of July approaches, the need to reorganize and update your fall wardrobe starts to appear. In order to make the a seamless transition from summer to fall, start looking ahead for fall trends now. The three fashion tech sites featured this Monday morning all promise to enhance your closets.

Discover, explore, and enjoy!

1. ClosetCouture

The story behind this site is charming and inspired. A style-challenged aspiring publisher moves from Connecticut to New York to Los Angeles, never knowing how to dress for success. So, she creates the solution to her own problem: Closet Couture. It’s a digital fashion media brand for influential women with a love for shopping. Women create virtual closets and fill it with their own clothes as well as their fantasy clothes. The site expanded to include forums, outfit inspirations, style icons, and a blog!

2. Copious

The goal of Copious is to organize shopping around people first and products second. The social network aspect of the site creates an online community with vendors and shoppers. Instead of just buying a product, you are supporting a designer with an interesting story and a background to which you feel connected. Based in San Francisco, California, this company has been praised by Refinery29 and Instyle. The mobile app allows the user to upload photos of any item she may want to sell, pick a price for it, and sell for free!

3. ClosetDash

Closet Dash is all about finding the most effective way to get rid of your old stuff. Throwing out is wasteful—Closet Dash points out that, chances are, someone out there is looking to buy what you no longer need! The site offers a fun, social, opportunity to showcase your items to sell, swap, or give away. The features of Closet Dash include an online personal closet and easy ways to track and follow what you want.

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Pop-Ups Monday!

Pop-Ups Monday: Monday July 9

It’s back to reality on this lovely Monday! Here are a few new sites to add to your ever-growing online shopping bookmark. Let’s face it, this July heat is making street shopping almost unbearable, and shopping malls are restrictive and redundant. We consider it our duty to share with you the new, innovative, and inspired sites popping up in the expanding fashion tech world.

Discover, explore, and enjoy!

1. BeSleek.com

The features of this website are numerous and varied. Services include Wardrobe Analysis, Style Strategy, Shopping in New York City, and Shopping Online. Is there anything they didn’t think of? BeSleek emphasizes the importance of the Wardrobe Analysis service with a frightening statistic. 80% of women wear only 20% of their wardrobe! The site recommends reviewing the contents of your closet twice a year, evaluating the function and usefulness of each piece. An expert stylist conducts a wardrobe examination, a fitting, mix and match options, and a personalized shopping plan. The Style Strategy service on the site involves an extensive interview, personal shopping, and fittings. There is also the opportunity to shop the streets of New York with a seasoned expert by your side, leading you to hidden shopping destinations and aiding you with your purchases. As if all of these services aren’t enough, BeSleek offers a Shape Calculator, Style Wisdom, and Tricks of the Trade!

2. FarFetch.com

Someone alert Gretchen Weiners—“fetch” has finally happened! And it’s in the form of a fabulous fashion-tech site! FarFetch connects with independent boutiques and businesses around the world.  Each boutique represented has an individual viewpoint, with over 1,000 diverse fashion labels for men and women.  Aside from the usual clothing, shoes, jewelry, and bags sold, FarFetch sells accessories and lifestyle items as well, so nothing you own has to be mainstream. One of the best parts of the site is something called The Playlist: “An international music and fashion celebration” connecting online music pop-up shops with fashion films and live performances. Definitely worth checking out!

3. Fabricly.com

Fabricly is all about collaborating with the best undiscovered designers striving to get to the next level – and we love it! The company sympathizes with us shoppers, knowing that in today’s world, it is nearly impossible to find original, unique pieces.  Fabricly hand-picks the designers and provides them with the tools to execute a killer collection.  Paired with PR support, Fabricly certainly boosts designers to the next level, simultaneously providing shoppers with new, distinctive clothing. Featured on NBC, Elle, Nylon, and WWD, we’re so happy to have discovered them! 

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