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Tech Crush Thursday: Chloe Sladden 

Chloe Sladden is Twitter’s Director of Media Partnership.

She’s the one responsible for combining Twitter conversations and real-time events. To put her job into her own words, “I work at the intersection of media & technology, with a special focus on interactive & social TV.”

She uses the power of #hashtags and @mentions to create what she refers to as a “360-degree experience” for everyone. Chloe is happy to know that she has helped connect people with inside information, closeness to celebrities, and real-time news in a way that was not fathomable pre-Twitter.

One of her first experiences curating tweets was during the 2008 Presidential debates. On top of tweeting breaking news, Chloe has worked on the entertainment side. In 2010, she helped MTV bring in over 11 million viewers for their MTV Video Music Awards.

She’s had prior experience in this area—before Twitter, Chloe worked at Current TV, a TV network and online news site, where she produced “Hack the Debate.” Chloe is also on the board of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit focused on innovations that combine art, design, data, and technology.

We think Chloe is #awesome and of course check her out on Twitter!

*Chloe Sladden is pictured above with another Twitter Executive, Katie Jacobs Stanton, in the new New York headquarters.