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Pop-Ups Monday!

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Pop-Ups Monday: Monday August 27

We’re all about mobile these days—and so is the rest of the world! So this Monday morning, we’re bringing three fabulous fashion tech apps to your attention. If you think your eyes are always glued to your phone now, just wait until you’ve downloaded these apps!

Discover, explore, and enjoy the last Monday of August!

1. Reqoop.com

The idea behind Reqoop is simply genius.  Featured in WWD, NBC New York, and Fashionista, this app targets stylish shoppers all around the globe. As you shop at your favorite stores, take photos of the best items and share them. The Reqoop Network of Stores includes top brands and cherished boutiques but photos from any store can be uploaded. You can win exclusive rewards by simply taking great photos or even just visiting your favorite stores! The app strives to draw shoppers away from their computers and back into stores to experience the traditional shopping experience once again.


2. Poshmark.com

Interested in selling some of those clothes that just sit in the back of your closet? Avoid the hassle of eBay and the stress of bidding wars. Poshmark makes it so incredibly easy! Just snap a photo of the item, filter it Instagram-style, and you now have a cover shot that’ll help you sell the piece! If you’re looking to shop, there are countless beautiful listings to check out. Poshmark shopping parties allow you to shop, sell, and have fun with fashion lovers like you!


3. Pose.com

Pose caught our eye because of one of its latest investors, Rachel Zoe. This outfit-sharing app takes your beloved “selfies” to the next level. Compatible with iPhone and Androids, Pose encourages users to upload outfit ensembles daily with specific tags specifying the category and brand. The app allows your OOTD (outfit of the day) to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal blog in a more organized, professional manner. Featured in Mashable, TechCrunch, and Glamour, it’s too hard to resist!

Thanks for joining us!

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Watch Out Wednesday

Kaleidoscope: Fashion Inspired

Kaleidoscope is the latest fashion startup to watch out for. The app launched on the iPhone this past weekend and is also available on Android. Kaleidoscope is a fashion app that allows users to immediately shop the looks that are featured on the app, which include street, blog, runway, and editorial content. Kaleidoscope was founded last year by Ryan Junee and Max Skibinsky under parent company Inporia

The app is introducing a new way to discover fashion, and shop on a mobile device. In a WWD article, director of business development, Sarah Kunst, described the idea behind the fashion app: “You’re giving users fashion inspirations and a way to think about dressing and try a new outfit or something new. But brands will be able to do it in a way that inspires people to buy their clothes.” This past weekend at Coachella, Kaleidoscope partnered with Details Magazine, adding men’s looks to the app. The Guardian just listed Kaleidoscope as a “must download app” so download Kaleidoscope and check it out!

You can also follow Kaleidoscope on Facebook and check out their themed boards on Pinterest!