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Fashion Icon Friday: Brigitte Bardot 

The Parisian actress, model, and singer, was also quite a trendsetter. Bardot started her career as a ballerina and by the 1950s was frequently appearing in a wide range of french films, as well as recording over 80 songs. Bardot became one of the largest sex symbols of the 60s, known for her curvaceous blonde look with charcoal outlined eyes and pouty lips. The bikini became popular due to her many scenes wearing a two-piece in her 1952 film- Manina the Girl in the Bikini, and frequent beach side photo shoots in the garment.

The “Bardot neckline” (which is knitwear with a wide neck to expose the shoulder) also became a huge style trend as a tribute to the style icon. In addition beauty wise, thechoucroute hair style and gingham print also became trends of the time because of her long locks that every fashionista wanted to emulate. 
In the 70’s she gracefully retired from the industry and started working as an animal rights activist, and in the 80’s she founded The Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Today she still fights for animal rights today— what a doll, and a true fashion icon.