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Tech Crush Thursday: Kevin Systrom

With over 100 million users (as announced Tuesday), Instagram has grown from two young guys renting desks, to a record breaking acquisition with Facebook. Although Instagram was launched a little over two years ago, we can’t help but be impressed by the company’s growth and success (not to mention we are more than slightly addicted to the app). 

Welcome, Kevin Systrom, CEO and Co-founder of Instagram, to the TWF Tech Crush Thursday hall of fame! After graduating from Stanford University, Kevin got his first taste of the startup tech world as an intern at Odeo, which later became Twitter. He also worked at Google where he worked on a number of product as well as their corporate development.

In 2012, Systrom and his Co-founder, Mike Krieger, sold the company to Facebook for an announced $1Billion. Although the sale went through, Kevin made sure that Instagram would continue to operate outside of Facebook. He also retained quite a bit of control over the photo-sharing company, allowing him to continue to make important decisions. For example, Kevin decided to remove Instagram photos from Twitter’s news feed, not at the request of Facebook, but to bring users to Instagram’s new website.

Yes, there have been some controversies surrounding the app and recent changes, but with 100 million users in just 28 months, it looks like the man behind Instagram knows what he’s doing.

Pop-Ups Monday!

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Pop-Ups Monday: Monday August 27

We’re all about mobile these days—and so is the rest of the world! So this Monday morning, we’re bringing three fabulous fashion tech apps to your attention. If you think your eyes are always glued to your phone now, just wait until you’ve downloaded these apps!

Discover, explore, and enjoy the last Monday of August!

1. Reqoop.com

The idea behind Reqoop is simply genius.  Featured in WWD, NBC New York, and Fashionista, this app targets stylish shoppers all around the globe. As you shop at your favorite stores, take photos of the best items and share them. The Reqoop Network of Stores includes top brands and cherished boutiques but photos from any store can be uploaded. You can win exclusive rewards by simply taking great photos or even just visiting your favorite stores! The app strives to draw shoppers away from their computers and back into stores to experience the traditional shopping experience once again.


2. Poshmark.com

Interested in selling some of those clothes that just sit in the back of your closet? Avoid the hassle of eBay and the stress of bidding wars. Poshmark makes it so incredibly easy! Just snap a photo of the item, filter it Instagram-style, and you now have a cover shot that’ll help you sell the piece! If you’re looking to shop, there are countless beautiful listings to check out. Poshmark shopping parties allow you to shop, sell, and have fun with fashion lovers like you!


3. Pose.com

Pose caught our eye because of one of its latest investors, Rachel Zoe. This outfit-sharing app takes your beloved “selfies” to the next level. Compatible with iPhone and Androids, Pose encourages users to upload outfit ensembles daily with specific tags specifying the category and brand. The app allows your OOTD (outfit of the day) to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal blog in a more organized, professional manner. Featured in Mashable, TechCrunch, and Glamour, it’s too hard to resist!

Thanks for joining us!

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Pop-Ups Monday!



Pop-Ups Monday: Monday July 22

As the end of July approaches, the need to reorganize and update your fall wardrobe starts to appear. In order to make the a seamless transition from summer to fall, start looking ahead for fall trends now. The three fashion tech sites featured this Monday morning all promise to enhance your closets.

Discover, explore, and enjoy!

1. ClosetCouture

The story behind this site is charming and inspired. A style-challenged aspiring publisher moves from Connecticut to New York to Los Angeles, never knowing how to dress for success. So, she creates the solution to her own problem: Closet Couture. It’s a digital fashion media brand for influential women with a love for shopping. Women create virtual closets and fill it with their own clothes as well as their fantasy clothes. The site expanded to include forums, outfit inspirations, style icons, and a blog!

2. Copious

The goal of Copious is to organize shopping around people first and products second. The social network aspect of the site creates an online community with vendors and shoppers. Instead of just buying a product, you are supporting a designer with an interesting story and a background to which you feel connected. Based in San Francisco, California, this company has been praised by Refinery29 and Instyle. The mobile app allows the user to upload photos of any item she may want to sell, pick a price for it, and sell for free!

3. ClosetDash

Closet Dash is all about finding the most effective way to get rid of your old stuff. Throwing out is wasteful—Closet Dash points out that, chances are, someone out there is looking to buy what you no longer need! The site offers a fun, social, opportunity to showcase your items to sell, swap, or give away. The features of Closet Dash include an online personal closet and easy ways to track and follow what you want.

Thanks for joining us this Monday morning.

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Watch Out Wednesday: Trendabl 

Are you one of the 50 million people who are obsessed with Instragram? Then you should check out Trendabl, a fashion-focused photo sharing app that just launched in March.

With Trendabl, users can take a photo, add a fun filter, and post information such as designer, store, price, or color. To discover fashion, users can follow designers, celebrities, stylists, bloggers, and magazines. Some big-name users already include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, DVF, and Brad Goreski. You can also search items based on color or product type. Founder and CEO Jon Alagem told Style.com“We wanted to create a visually beautiful social media platform that allows users to share and discover the latest trends in fashion.”

We even included Trendabl in our list of 5 Must-Have Fashion Mobile Apps.

Download Trendabl and check them out on Twitter!