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Female Icon Friday: Jane Fonda

You probably know her best from her role as the monstrously overbearing mother in Monster-in-Law, but Jane Fonda has quite the resume built over 50 years of acting.

Born Lady Jane Seymour Fonda, sister to Peter and Bridget Fonda, this self-described liberal and feminist started acting in 1954 when she performed in a charity presentation, The Country Girl, alongside her father. During her time at Vassar, she traveled to Paris to study art. In the 1960s she starred in legendary films such as Walk on the Wild Side, which she received a Golden Globe for her performance, and Cat Ballou which gained her five Oscar nominations and catapulted her to Hollywood royalty. Later, her career saw greater esteem when she added more renowned titles under her belt like the original Fun With Dick and Jane and The China Syndrome.

Along the way, Jane became heavily involved in political activism, even considering becoming a politician herself and later labeling American political and military leaders as “war criminals.” She’s known for aggressively protesting major military conflicts such as the Vietnam and Iraq wars as well as aligning with the revolutionary mission of the Black Panthers declaring “Revolution is an act of love; we are the children of revolution, born to be rebels. It runs in our blood.”

Jane Fonda’s beauty is more about her deep-rooted passions and the never-ending tenacity to fight for what she believes in. Her impact in Hollywood, on the stage, and in the front lines is what drew us to her. She is a revolutionary, visionary and an icon. We could not have thought of anyone more deserving of this distinction.

Fashion Icon Friday: Anne Hathaway

This week’s fashion icon is one that has maintained one of the more glamorous and exemplary Hollywood reputations while creating a seemingly unstoppable influence on today’s fashion.  We dig it.

Born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway to Gerald Hathaway, lawyer, and Kathleen Ann, actress, it wasn’t until 1999 that this native New Yorker began popping up on our radar with the short-lived TV series Get Real.  Almost immediately after that, Anne landed the role of young Mia Thermopolis in the wildly popular tween movie, The Princess Diaries.  Since then, Anne’s won an Emmy for her voice-over on The Simpsons and starred in another cult phenomenon you may know as The Devil Wears Prada.  In 2008 she began challenging preconceived notions of her acting capabilities with roles in more serious movies including Rachel Getting Married, Love and Other Drugs, and The Dark Knight Rises.  Today, we’re anticipating her lead role in the Hollywood adaptation of the Broadway hit, Les Miserables.

Anne Hathaway has done more in Hollywood than most actors her age and she does it looking impeccable.  (Maybe she did learn a little something about fashion working for Meryl Streep’s Wintour-like character.)  The buzz she’s generated on screen, as well as on the red carpet, is nowhere near over.  She may very well be one of the greatest things to happen to pop culture today and we can’t see what she does (or wears) next!

Watch Out Wednesday: StyleMusée

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Can you guess whose little sister this is? Click on this to find out….

Can you guess whose little sister this is? Click on this to find out….