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Tech Crush Thursday: Kevin Systrom

With over 100 million users (as announced Tuesday), Instagram has grown from two young guys renting desks, to a record breaking acquisition with Facebook. Although Instagram was launched a little over two years ago, we can’t help but be impressed by the company’s growth and success (not to mention we are more than slightly addicted to the app). 

Welcome, Kevin Systrom, CEO and Co-founder of Instagram, to the TWF Tech Crush Thursday hall of fame! After graduating from Stanford University, Kevin got his first taste of the startup tech world as an intern at Odeo, which later became Twitter. He also worked at Google where he worked on a number of product as well as their corporate development.

In 2012, Systrom and his Co-founder, Mike Krieger, sold the company to Facebook for an announced $1Billion. Although the sale went through, Kevin made sure that Instagram would continue to operate outside of Facebook. He also retained quite a bit of control over the photo-sharing company, allowing him to continue to make important decisions. For example, Kevin decided to remove Instagram photos from Twitter’s news feed, not at the request of Facebook, but to bring users to Instagram’s new website.

Yes, there have been some controversies surrounding the app and recent changes, but with 100 million users in just 28 months, it looks like the man behind Instagram knows what he’s doing.

Tech Crush Thursday: Adam D’Angelo

From Facebook CTO to Founder and CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angelo is well-known in the tech world to say the least. Launched in early 2010, Quora is a collection of questions and answers, edited and organized by users. Once answers are added, Quora users can up-vote or down-vote said answers, as well as suggest edits to fellow users, in order to measure the user’s legitimacy. 

Recently valued at $400M (according to TechCrunch), Adam has grown Quora into a household name. He also recently announced (just yesterday) that Quora is launching a blogging platform that automatically distributes posts to its Q&A site. Thanks to the company’s voting system, homepage feed, and mobile text editor, anyone with quality content can find readership and grow their following. 

We can’t wait to see what else this young tech genius has up his sleeve. Until then, we will continue to get our answers for life’s questions on Quora. 

Image via Alto Nivel.

Tech Crush Thursday: Randi Zuckerberg

We all know her as the older sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but this girl is stepping out of her brother’s shadow and truly making a name for herself. Randi graduated from Harvard University and went on to act as the Director of Market Development for Facebook. In 2010, Randi was ranked among 50 “Digital Power Players” by the Hollywood Reporter. After leaving Facebook in 2011, Mark’s sister started her own firm, R to Z Studios.

More recently, Randi has been hosting what she calls “creative lounges,” that bring together people in the technology world. “As I’ve traveled around, I meet really inspiring people outside the Silicon Valley community who are always talking about what they want to do (in) digital, and I often think how great would it be to introduce these people to the bright minds in Silicon Valley,” Zuckerberg said. “So when they are in town, I started hosting events where they can meet 20 to 30 top minds around here.” Creative lounges have included Jessica Alba with the Honest Company, Zooey Deschanel with HelloGiggles, and Mandy Moore for her active online work to end malaria for the United Nations.

In addition to hosting these fabulous meetups, as well as acting as the CEO of R to Z Studios, Randi is also the producer of Bravo’s new reality show Startups: Silicon Valley, which debuted this month. When asked by Refinery29 if she thought the show would change the perception of the Silicon valley, the queen of tech said “I think Silicon Valley could use a little glamour. I think that in economic times like this, it is aspirational to be an entrepreneur, and hopefully we can bring that to more people.”

We agree, Randi. We’re all for encouraging entrepreneurship! Not to mention we’re loving that she’s wearing the tech-y Louboutin heels we featured a while back. 

Tech Crush Thursday: Jocelyn Goldfein

This week, we are majorly crushing on Facebook’s Jocelyn Goldfein.  She is showing women how to be successful in the male-dominated tech world.

At just 37, the Stanford University grad is the director of engineering at Facebook, and one of the tech industry’s leading engineers. Her teams are responsible for key Facebook features such as news feed, search, and photos. Before joining Facebook, she was a major player at VMware where she worked for seven years and at one point managed 400 of the 10,000 employees.

As amazing as her career has been, we are particularly fond of Jacelyn because of her mission to inspire other women. Often the only woman in the room, Jocelyn believes that women shy away from the field of engineering due to some pressure that makes girls think they aren’t smart enough. Making it her mission to encourage women to explore careers in computer science, Goldfein has spoken at women’s conferences and is involved with mentoring as well as overseeing Facebook’s Grace Hopper scholarship award, which offers winners support and mentorship.

As women in the tech world, we can all appreciate the work Jocelyn is doing. We even get a kick out of her advice for aspiring women.

“The advice I give a lot of women is ‘fake it till you make it.’ I give it to men and women and I think it’s universally applicable. Sometimes you will be over your head, but the act of trying and the act of putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, and trying something you’re not sure you’re capable of, is what it takes to become capable of it.”

Thank you Jocelyn for leading the way for women in Tech!

Pop-Ups Monday!

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Pop-Ups Monday: Monday September 17

On this lovely Monday, we are featuring three of our recent fashion tech discoveries. We thought we should share them with the rest of the world—September secrets revealed!

Discover, explore, and enjoy! 

1. 1stDibs

“1stDibs offers the best antiques from all over the world in one place. I’m sorry the 1stDibs secret is out.”  Well, sorry to disappoint, but every shopper deserves to know about this fabulous site! More than 1,600 international dealers of antiques, furniture, design, art, jewelry, and luxury goods are featured on 1stDibs and then delivered to customers worldwide. With locations in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles and a weekly online magazine filled with interviews, the site has certainly evolved into an online luxury marketplace. Marc Jacobs himself says he can’t imagine living without 1stDibs, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

2. Boutine

Introducing a fantastic social shopping experience! Boutine collaborates with emerging fashion designers from around the world to bring unique products to online boutique sales exclusively for members. Currently, clothing, bags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories are available. As a Boutine member, you have the opportunity to become a stylist, creating and sharing your own virtual store. You can connect your personalized collection to all of your social media platforms including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and ultimately earn a ten percent commission. Boutine truly is shopping and selling made simple! 

3. TheChapar

Don’t worry gentlemen, we didn’t forget about you! Never set foot in a department store again without TheChapar. As a member, you simply create a “Style Profile” online or over the phone. Your Personal Stylist will then put together a trunk filled with tailored selections and deliver it right to your door. Simply return the stuff you don’t want, and pay for what you love!

Thanks for joining us!

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Pop-Ups Monday!

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Pop-Ups Monday: Monday September 9

Make this September a stylish one!  As autumn approaches, check out these three fashion tech sites that’ll spice up your wardrobe with this seasons fall essentials. Remember, your style is a statement of who you are, so make it one to remember.

Discover, explore, and enjoy!


1. StylePin

Featured in socalTECH and Mashable, StylePin focuses strictly on fashion and style. The site is an organizational tool that acts as a personal collection of your fashion and style inspirations. Individual clothing pieces can be tagged and categorized to facilitate searches. One of the features of the site, the Style Wishlist, is perfect during birthdays and holidays when you know exactly what you want, but don’t know how to ask for it! The Print Generator allows users to easily print their favorite pins to bring along with them as they shop for inspiration!


2. StyleSaint

“StyleSaint is the ultimate source for your fashion fix.” Anyone can become a StyleBook creator on the site and subsequently share their creations via their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The goal of the site is to share unique images and daily style notes with fashionistas all over the globe! DIY tutorials, trend alerts, and lessons overflow StyleSaint three times a week. The abundant amount of inspiring imagery on this fashion tech site is definitely worth checking out!


3. StyleZen

StyleZen provides you with personalized fashion recommendations. Unlike other sites that use style quizzes and surveys to determine your taste, StyleZen uses the most pragmatic tool of all, Pinterest! Almost everyone with a Pinterest account has a board filled with pins of clothing items they would kill for. By signing up for SyleZen, you simply link your fashion board on Pinterest and subsequently find the best products specifically selected for you. The site analyzes your Pinterest board and, as you re-pin the items you love, StyleZen continues to bring you your fashion favorites!

Thanks for joining us!

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Tech Crush Thursday: Sophia Amoruso

Everyone at our office owes a huge ‘thank you’ to Sophia Amoruso for founding our favorite online retailer for trendy but inexpensive fashion, Nasty Gal.

Started as an ebay store for vintage clothing in 2006, Sophia has grown Nasty Gal into a top selling online retailer. What we like even more about her is that she made Nasty Gal successful mainly using social media platforms such as Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Instagram rather than traditional marketing. Her story is inspiring: she raised capital with no experience in the area, and she admits she didn’t even know how to use Powerpoint to make a presentation. Her passion for the idea is what has gotten her this far, and what continues to keep the Nasty Gal brand growing!

It’s been a big year for Nasty Gal, too, with over $128 million in sales. This month during New York Fashion Week, the site will launch their own bi-annual magazine, Super Nasty. Alongside the magazine, Nasty Gal is launching their own label for Fall/Winter 2012!  We can’t wait to check it out!

Check out this video of Sophia Amoruso sharing her story of Nasty Gal, why she loves her customers, and where the name Nasty Gal comes from.

Tech Crush Thursday: Caryn Marooney

Our latest tech crush is Caryn Marooney, Facebook’s Director of Technology Communications.

She is in charge of reaching out to the technical community—engaging developers, engineers, technology influencers, and bloggers. She also covers the platform, product, and any technology recruiting.

Caryn only joined Facebook in 2011, prior to which she was a co-founder of OutCast Agency, one of Silicon Valley’s top tech communications firms. During her time at OutCast Agency, she handled the communication strategies of companies such as Amazon and Netflix; Facebook was even one of her clients before she made the switch. Facebook actually created the position of Technology Communications for Caryn in the hope of building its PR.

Watch this video of Caryn Marooney talking about Leveraging Facebook at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference.

Tech Crush Thursday: Angela Ahrendts

Our latest tech crush is Angela Ahrendts, digital innovator and CEO of luxury brand Burberry.

In 2006, giving up her title as Executive Vice President at Liz Claiborne Inc., Angela became CEO of Burberry. While she does not have an educational background in technology, Angela saw that to help the British brand grow and reach the younger generation, she would need to implement a digital initiative. Angela had a vision she wanted to see come true: anyone who wanted to touch the company could have access to it. Since she arrived in 2006, she started reinventing the Burberry image, making it more appealing to a younger and more global consumer. This makeover proved to be a good move with sales having more than doubled.

Angela has been working closely with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to form a technology strategy using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, as well as software from Salesforce and SAP. Employees are encouraged to use social media throughout the day.

Despite the past aura of exclusivity at Burberry, Angela saw that the way to grow the company was to take them into the future digitally. Burberry is considered one of the top technology-forward companies in the luxury fashion industry. They have high rankings in Facebook and Twitter followers, as well as an impressive and easy to navigate website and great video campaign ads. It all makes sense, as half of their media budget goes to digital.

Watch this interview with Angela to learn more about the Burberry digital initiative and check out some of their films.

And of course, on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

Pop-Ups Monday!

Happy Monday! It’s time to plan your outfit for the fourth. Take a look at these fashion-tech sites and just in case you feel like displaying an exceptional amount of patriotism on Wednesday, add a few American flag items to your shopping cart. Whether it’s a jean jacket or a pair of shorts, the following three websites all have a little red, white, and blue.  Enjoy the BBQs, fireworks, and family time while flashing your stars and stripes!

Discover, explore, and enjoy!

1. RevolveClothing.com  

There are so many different features on this fantastic fashion-tech website. Aside from incredible clothing, shoes, and accessories collections from hundreds of brands, an entire Revolve Community exists. The Revolve Magazine features designer profiles, editorials, trends, style guides, and designer lookbooks. The Revolve Blog is fashion-forward and informative. The most special feature however, is the “myRevolve” section. Members have the opportunity to create their own personalized online boutiques and share their favorite designers and top picks. When shoppers purchase an item from a personalized myRevolve boutique, the creator can earn commissions of 1-10%. Revolve Clothing really has thought of it all! 

2. Tobi.com

Created in 2012, Tobi is a new, inexpensive online boutique. With Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, the site certainly has the social media scene covered. Alexander Wang, Citizens of Humanity, and J Brand are just a few of the designers featured. One of the best aspects of Tobi is that there are new arrivals every single day and customers receive 30% off of these new arrivals! The site has items comparable to those on Nasty Gal and is a breath of fresh air in the world of high-priced fashion.

3. Shopbop.com

Shopbop originated in 2000 as an online boutique specializing in “hard-to-find” denim lines. Twelve years later and the site has become so much more! Shopbop has apparel and accessories suited for any occasion, formal or casual. The Exclusives section flaunts limited-edition pieces from top designers available exclusively on Shopbop. Known for outstanding customer service and a personalized shopping experience, Shopbop is one of the first places to look when you need a new dress or pair of shoes. Featured in Vogue and Elle, this “magazine meets boutique” is chic, trendy, and dangerous for shopping addicts!

Thanks for joining us this Monday morning.

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