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Pop-Ups Monday!

We know you had absolutely no problem getting out of bed this morning knowing there was a new Pop-Ups Monday post waiting for you! The websites listed below all start with the letter Z, but couldn’t be more different. Discovering new startups in the fashion-tech industry is what we’re all about—and we hope you love checking out these sites as much as we did.

Discover, explore, and enjoy! 

1. ZooraFashion.com

This startup really takes fashion-tech to the next level.  According to the website, the average woman has 22 garments in her closet that she never wears. Scary thought! The high number is due to ill-fitting, awkward garments or clothes that just seem unoriginal or “just not right” now that they are out of the store. Zoora is the solution. The website connects customers with designers and subsequently allows them to alter and customize clothing based on personal preference and specific measurements. By registering for free, members can practically custom-design apparel and “wear clothes that they have a hand in making.”

2. Zoomingo.com

“Zoom-in and go” is the motto of the ground-breaking shopping discovery application. Instead of having to check various websites to find out what is on sale and where, the app helps shoppers find actual items on sale at both large stores and small boutiques. You will never miss a sale or shop at the wrong store with the help of Zoomingo. The application allows users to search for sale items by category, store, or brand. Once you have discovered your ideal sale items, Zoomingo encourages shoppers to upload a picture so they can catalog the sale item for others. Shopping seems to become ten times more efficient with the help of this innovative startup!

3. Zafu.com

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat. Two women who love jeans decided to “combine fashion and fit with science to create a unique service that millions of women love today.” Described as an online dating service for jeans, this website uses “Shape-Matching” to help over 7.1 million women shop with confidence. After answering a few simple questions, the Zafu women go to work and find the customer exactly what they are looking for in a pair of pants. With a 94% success rate, it seems well worth it to check Zafu out!

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